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Where there's a consumer, there's an influencer. Where there's an influencer, there's an opportunity. RYPL reaches your key targets and the most influential people in their lives to maximize engagement and drive user action.

Everyone has people they listen to — make it work for you

Cultivate Word of Mouth with Digital Advertising

Examine the role word-of-mouth advertising plays in the age of digital by taking a deep dive into:

  • The details behind the struggle for brands to acquire new customers
  • The limitations of conventional prospecting strategies
  • The importance of building brand advocacy vs. simply retaining customers
Download the 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of GlobalWide Media.


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Acquiring new customers is difficult. Lookalike modeling, behavioral targeting, and contextual targeting strategies work, but they've become standard.

GWM recognizes that not all customers look alike. Our approach to customer acquisition takes into account the effects everyday influencers have on the consumer’s path to purchase and uses that information to create a viral impact that gets people talking about your brand.

At their core, influencers are your best advertisers
This is your target audience.
This is Julie.
Julie is shopping for new running shoes.
GWM identifies family, friends, and co-workers in Julie's network.
We use household, workplace, and social data to identify who Julie listens to during her path to purchase.
This is who we found.
GWM delivers ads to Julie and her influencers.
We continuously optimize campaign delivery to get the conversation started.
Zack and Amy recommend buying the shoes, so Julie moves forward with the purchase.
Now Julie has new running shoes, the advertiser made a sale, and everyone is happy!

for the modern


Everybody wants to easily acquire new customers at scale, but not everyone achieves it. That's where we come in. GWM specializes in delivering campaigns that hit the modern marketer's KPIs time and time again.

How do we do it?

Our team is stacked with programmatic experts and media strategists whose number one priority is your campaign. We partner with you to deliver efficient, engaging campaigns that take the stress out of prospecting and makes the retention process as smooth as butter.

We've got everything you need for a successful campaign:

Integrated Campaigns

Deploy cross-screen strategies across display, mobile, and video.

Awe-inspiring Analytics & Reporting

We have algorithms galore with performance metrics to match.

Data for Days

Exclusive data plus third party data sources - we've got that.

Download the 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of GlobalWide Media

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